Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 18 November 2013

For the love of blogging....

This weekend my middle daughter sent me this picture...
it made me giggle a lot.
Am I obsessed with my blog - nooooo !
Am I a little distracted at times, ummm maybe, do I sometimes miss bits of conversation here and there, well yes, quite possibly...
but as to the very serious allegations of child neglect, not too concerned about these as little Beth is actually ... 21!
However I do have to admit that I do love my blog, ALOT..

I can honestly say that pretty much right up to the day that I started my blog I really
 hadn't ever thought it would be something that I would do.
I wasn't even really aware of the whole world of blogs.
But when my best friend moved away I really missed our little daily crafty updates,
and suddenly there it was ... out of nothing came Just Pootling.
She blogs, The Chronicles of Emily Bronte , and I blog and all is good in the world.
Wherever she goes on her boat we can see what each other is up to.
It was our little going away present to each other.
I began dipping in to a few crochet blogs that people recommended, Attic 24 and Little Tin Bird being two that really taught me so much when I was learning to crochet.
One blog led to another blog and another and another and before long there was just no going back... I was hooked.
There are so many things that I love about blogging from the creativity it brings, the little circle of blog friends that I now have, the opportunity to see all the other amazingly inspirational things that others are doing, the things that I have learnt to do on my computer that I never would have learnt without my blog, to catching up with all the blogs that I follow and the little tingle of excitement when I see that one of them has a new post.
I love discovering new blogs and adding them to my list of Favourite Blogs.
So HOORAY for blogs, in all their wonderful different shapes and sizes, from here , there and everywhere.
Sometimes I worry that my blog may come across as me putting out there about all that I have done, and its all a bit yay, look at me and in these moments of doubt I sometimes call it my Smug, but these moments don't last long because maybe we should all sing our own praises a little from time to time.
My blog is just my little bit of me time in amongst all the hustle and bustle and madness that each day brings at home and at work, and I love it just for that reason.
What do you think ?
I'd love to know.
On a crafty front, nothing much to report today other than a piccy of the finished puppy jumper and a quick whizz round the kitchen whipping up some cakes for a charity day at work tomorrow.

Happy blogging everyone.


  1. I don't think that you are at all smug Kate, you are just a lovely blogger who is having a lovely time blogging and we are having a lovely time seeing all the beautiful things that you have made! Your cakes look wonderful, I hope that the sale goes well - how could it not with lovely cakes like that!! Hope that yo keep on loving blogging. xx

    1. Ah thank you Amy - we can all be lovely bloggers together ♥
      Kate x

  2. Glad you decided to blog, I too find it so inspiring reading other people's blogs, getting ideas and getting glimpses into others everyday lives :) xx

  3. There is nothing smug about sharing your creative achievements with other like minded people. I don't think so, anyway. That's where I get most of my inspiration from, other bloggers! x

  4. I've only just started a blog myself. Like you I never really thought it was something that I would do, but a friend of mine has a blog and I started to visit others through reading hers. Eventually I thought, why not? It's such a lovely way to meet like-minded people, albeit through cyberspace. I don't think there's anything smug about your blog, it's one of my favourites so keep it up! Yummy looking cakes and little doggy looks gorgeous in the new jumper.
    Jane x

  5. Hi Kate,
    I enjoy reading what you get up to in your part of the world. I started a blog this year thinking previously that I too wouldn't do it, but like you I started to read other blogs and got hooked. It is heaps of fun! So many crafty people out there, it is nice to share.
    Keep blogging as it is lovely to see what you have made lately and why not blow your own trumpet a little. We should all do it more often.
    The jumper for puppy VERY CUTE!! Cupcakes looks soo yum!
    Lisa x

  6. Hi Kate, what a lovely blog post. I started my first blog back in 2010, but I didn't really give it the attention it needed and as a consequence I stopped writing. When I started my new blog earlier this year, I was hooked by the second post. I love 'meeting' like minded people and sharing all their crafty adventures, it brings me lots of happiness, so thank you for writing yours!! Sarah xo

  7. Great post about blogging! I am amazed how life enhancing blogging is! Love your little dog's jumper and those wonderful cakes! Wishing you a happy blogging week!
    Helen x

  8. Hi Kate, This is Joan from Weatherford Texas USA! I love reading about others lives in places I'll probably never get to visit! I love your little Chihuahua's Jumper, altho we call them sweaters here! She/he's so cute! Lovely to meet you! I've started blogging also and I mean just started! I have 3 posts on mine! It's called TheBlue-EyedLadysCreations ! Keep on blogging, I love reading them!:D

  9. Hi Kate, I've stumbled accross your blog, and this post has given me food for thought. I love blogging for the peole I have met through it. I love my own blog - it is my diary of sorts. I love to read other people's blogs, and I am endlessly inspired by them.

    Leanne xx

  10. Kate, I just wanted to also invite you to follow my blog and also lol, to correct the name of it! LOL ! I'm so new at it I didn't get it right by adding one letter and it can make a difference so I've copied the address and am giving it to you now; . I hope you have a great day! ~Joan

  11. That is one adorable puppy in a very cute jumper! Don't worry about feeling smug. That's what blogs are for isn't it? It's good to share things we've made with other like minded bloggers. Family often don't appreciate our creativeness, do they! xx

  12. With the mayhem and mundane chores present in everyday life, it is lovely to have our blogs to share our creativity, to inspire and be inspired, and to find beauty and fun amidst the chaos! It is not at all smug, we love seeing what you've been up to! Chrissie x

  13. I love this post about blogging! I really enjoy the inspiration I get from other blogs and love the interaction with other bloggers, it's great.
    By the way, I really enjoy my visits here to your lovely make such lovely things (and you are never smug so don't worry!)
    Marianne x

  14. Oh Gosh - I do so agree about how addictive blogging is. So often I have said ' I will just write my blog, it will only take half an hour to post' and 3 or 4 hours later I'm still tweaking. Do you ever make something just because it will make a good blog post instead of being something you need?

  15. It's always a treat to visit your Kate and I always enjoy seeing all your latest gorgeous makes too. I've found wonderful friends from my blog and it's brilliant to be able to share makes and visit inspiring places.
    Your little puppy jumper is gorgeous (and I hope you made sure Beth didn't miss out on one of those delicious looking cakes!)
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x


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