Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Friday, 4 October 2013

Sunny Skipton...

So, what else to do in Skipton when not Yarndaling ?
Certainly more than can be squeezed in to a weekend - but we had a very good try !
Of course one of the most important thing to do was to eat pies... such amazing pie shops, and it was only right that with me being a southerner I went through the rite of pie passage.

I think I will remember that pie for a very long time to come - it was totally, utterly delicious.

As there was more eating planned a short hike was suggested - Jane thought climbing to the top of Malham Cove would be the answer, and if I could just say Jane, my calves are still aching today !

Yep, that's where we went, right to the very, very top.
But, wow, was it it worth it .... the weather was unbelievable, with the fog from the early morning having lifted to leave a beautifully warm and sunny late summers day.

The little brook winding through the valley at the bottom was as clear as anything...

and the view from the top was simply breathtaking.

Once back on level ground it was decided a cream tea/lunch was in order at Beck Hall. Unfortunately no photo's here as all scones, jam and cream disappeared before I'd even thought to take a picture.

We spent the afternoon driving through the Dales and all the gorgeous surrounding villages, and very conveniently passed the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Parlour on the way back home.

Again, yum.
So, with all of that was there time for a bit of crochet - you bet...

 ... a very tiny Christmas wreath and a couple more dishcloths.

A perfect weekend all round.
Just got to finish with two gratuitous puppy in a blanket photos.



  1. I'm not sure that I could bear to wash up with something that I had crocheted, but I love the little wreath! Looks as though your walk was lovely, if tiring, from the scenery showed in your pictures! Glad that you had such a good time.

  2. Hi Amy
    Loving your autumn wreath, so clever and such a lovely idea to welcome the autumn in. Beautiful.


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