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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Quintessentially Quince ...

Walking through Bradford-on-Avon the other day I noticed that someone had a basket of Quinces ( is quinces the plural of quince or is it like sheep and sheep ? ) for sale out on their porch. Having enjoyed my first experience of chutney making a few weeks ago I thought I'd give Quince jelly a go.
I'm sorry to say this Quinces but you are not the most beautiful of fruits, so I can't say it was the look of them that grabbed me but more that having tasted some when out to dinner with friends I wanted to try making my own.
So, I found a recipe online and set to washing, coring and quartering. Looking at this picture it looks like I've got a pan full of conker cases but I promise its not.

Still loving my new preserving pan ...

 Not looking much better as the cooking process continues especially as it all has to be pulped down with a potato masher.

Very glad I bought the muslin straining bag and stand as I think hanging bits of muslin from stools and the like could have all got a bit messy.

Uummmm - still not grabbing me visually...

...but after a couple of hours of drip, drip, dripping I think we're beginning to get there. With sugar added and some vigorous boiling ( no photo's of the boiling sugar bit as Mum very successfully drummed in to me the dangers of boiling sugar ! ) look what happens... end up with the most beautiful ruby pink jelly.

The little jars looked really beautiful with the autumn sun shining through them.


With covers on and labels attached that's another little tick on my Christmas pressie to do list.


  1. Lovely. I've never made quince jelly but it is the most beautiful colour. What wonderful gifts. x

  2. Oh it looks so perfect! How do you get it to set so clear? Mine had teeny bubbles when I spooned it into the jars, but otherwise clear. I'm a newbie when it comes to quince jelly...Chrissie x

  3. I didn't find quince this year, my neighbour usually has some so hopefully next year. Your jelly looks lovely, so clear and a perfect colour. The covers and labels look lovely too so I hope the receivers of your jelly enjoy it.

  4. Thank you ladies ! I have no idea how it came out so clear or without bubbles - totally luck not skill !
    Thank you for popping by,
    Kate x

  5. They are so beautiful! You did a great job, I forsee a great future in preserving for you. Hope that you love eating them as much as I am loving looking at them. xx

  6. I love the little labels and covers. Sooo pretty!

  7. Very impressed Kate!!...It looks really lovely in your jars with the polka dot covers and labels and such a pretty colour too...gorgeous gifts...
    Happy Sunday!
    Susan x

  8. I LOVE quince jelly. Sadly I don't have enough quinces this year to make a batch so I'm planning to make up some quince, apple and pear jelly tomorrow :)

    1. Hi Annie
      Ooh that sounds delicious, maybe I'll try that next year. Isn't the colour of the hydrangeas absolute gorgeous - a perfect vintage blush pink, they'll look beautiful inside.
      Kate x


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