Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 9 September 2013

Whoosh - where did that weekend go ?


There was quite a lot going on this weekend all in all, starting with the arrival of the hired digger on Friday = one happy husband.

We have a beautiful little church in our village and a group of us take it in turns to do the flowers each week.This weekend it was my turn and whilst this is a little scary, as I am not a natural flower arranger, it is also a really peaceful way to spend an hour.

 The church looked really beautiful with the sun streaming in through the windows and it was just me there, quietly doing my thing. ( Certainly a lot quieter here than in our garden right now.. )

I'd bought a few flowers, adding to it with bits from the garden and the churchyard. I didn't really have any plans or colour scheme in mind, just kind of winging it and going with what I liked !

Thankfully there's always a few things that you can keep from the week before -because frankly starting from scratch really would be beyond me.
So, taking out all the things that were past their best this is what I was left with... actually, the pedestal one looked pretty good even without adding anything else ! Lots of teasels , greenery and a few autumn berries.There's two little wall boxes in the porch to be done and a large pedestal arrangement up by the altar - this being the most scary one.

I'd love to be really clever here and tell you what the flowers were that I put in - but I truly have no idea and I forgot to read the label! But basically they were red and white.

The porch boxes are fun to do because they're quite small and pretty much anything goes !


After a quick sweep up I headed home to this .... I didn't really look too closely at the chaos, just quickly headed inside ....
Time for a quick bit of Ebay packing, a trip to Wickes ( far too dull to photograph ), more cups of coffee made and delivered to the garden work party ...

 and a dog walk.

Garden now looking like this on my return ....

Back inside to changing the beds and I can't tell you how much I would have loved to just crawl under the covers for a quick 40 winks...

and I'm sure there used to be a garden path here ..

Sunday was pretty much more of the same.. starting with another trip to WICKES because I bought the wrong *!**!ing plumbing bits yesterday, grrrrr

and yes, that is said husband actually in the hole now !
Interesting dog walks this weekend ... what with Lilou deciding to roll in badger poo on Saturday and eat cow poo on Sunday. This did make me quite mad and in the ensuing grabbing of the dog my phone must have fallen out of my pocket *!***!!!

Now, ideally I would have noticed this at the time - but no.... it wasn't until I'd walked all the way back home that I realised my pocket was a lot emptier than when I'd started the walk... after leaving one disgraced dog at home back off I went ...

 .... and there it was hiding in among the brambles and ivy. Could have been worse I guess, could have been in the cow poo ... always look for the silver lining !


More Ebay packaging , more coffee and sandwiches to the handyman...

who was definitely there somewhere, 
and finally finally
breathe and relax !



  1. Hi! Just found your lovely blog ... Suffer from blog hoppingitis. I am not looking for a cure.
    What a weekend.
    Love the flowers. I don't think there should be any hard and ast rules with flower arranging. Love yours

  2. Me again! Just left a comment about edging on your blanket from previous post. Maybe an idea?

  3. Hi Linda
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments - I've just taken a quick peep at your blog too - gorgeous, I shall be back ! I think Blog Hoppingitis is a pretty good condition to suffer from don't you ?
    Thank you as well for your little picot variation, I shall try that. It was funny that you suggested that because in the end the picot edging I did actually was a bit of a soft zig-zag. I've taken all the final ta-dah pictures today and hope to do a new post later.
    thanks for popping by. ♥
    Kate x


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