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Monday, 15 July 2013

The very first blanket...

♥   I only started to crochet  a couple of years ago when after picking up a copy of a magazine that was featuring Nicki Trench's book Cute and easy Crochet  I just desperately wanted to be able to do it.
I bought the book and drooled a little over all the gorgeous patterns and then googled 'How to Crochet'. Fantastic! All sorts of video clips showing you what to do, and the best bit of all was that you can pause and re start, pause and re start again and again and again until you have it. This was quite possibly a little annoying for anyone else that happened to be in the room but it had to be done..
From that point on there was no looking back, I was totally and utterly hooked!

                ♥  So for my first project I picked one of the Level 1 Beginner patterns and set to...

♥   I chose to work the pattern a little differently by alternating the patterned squares with plain double crocheted squares, and just worked with two colours, white for the flowers and a mushroomy colour for the rest of the blanket. Oh, actually it was three as I've just looked at the picture and realised the border had a darker taupe added in to it.
♥  Looking back I think it was a good starter project as each little square was quite quick to do and somehow that spurred me on. I'd like to think that I also got better with each square, as looking at this photo practise definitely needed to make perfect!

♥  Bit by bit it grew, albeit very slowly, and soon I was able to start joining sections together. Before too long it was blanket sized and then just needed finishing off with a border. Having since made lots of other blankets I have discovered that this is my favourite bit - I absolutely love deciding how to finish my blankets off, and  I just sort of make it up as I go along.

♥  The shell border just seemed to look right on this blanket, and it was so satisfying to do as it gave such an instant result.

♥  Having finished the border it was at this point that I realised that the back really does need
                                                    to be as neat as the front -oops !
                                                   Thank goodness for cotton jersey... hides a multitude of sins - and it almost looks like I planned it!
♥  and here it is all finished, a bit wibbly wobbly in places but a start never the less.


  1. Hi there Kate. Just perusing your blog having recently found you and came across your first blanket. I'm new to crochet too & was just wondering how you attached the fleece fabric to the blanket - I can't quite see from the picture. I have to say that I love your choice if muted colours for your blankets. I've seen so much of the brightly coloured crochet inspired by Lucy at Attic24, which I really love, but actually my home is decorated I very muted shades of soft grey and cream and so the bright striped planners I've made so far really don't go!

    1. Hi there, sorry its taken me a while to get back to you and thank you for all the lovely things you said about my blog. It was really easy to attach the jersey/fleece to the blanket - I just tucked all the raw edges under and stitched around the edge with my sewing machine. The stitches really don't show once its done . Hope this helps, Kate x


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