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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 22 July 2013

Fun ( and a tinsy bit of pain ) - Part 2.

                          ♥ The first and most important thing to do was to rip off the tasselly bits.
                                                               Extremely satisfying !
           Using a spare piece of fabric I then made a pattern by tracing the outline of one half of the shade.
             Using the template I then cut two halves from the new fabric. V important to remember to add a border of about 3 cm all around the edge of the template to allow for hems.        

I then stitched the two pieces, right sides together, down the side seams. I used the sewing machine for this as the stitching needs to be very strong as it will be pulled quite a bit as the fabric is tensioned to fit.
Oooh - nearly forgot the most important thing - the pattern pieces need to be cut on the bios to allow for stretch, because you'll be needing that later!

♥ The new fabric will now fit loosely over the shade, and there should be about 3cm overlap top and bottom. I probably should say at this point that I have only ever done this once before, about 20 years ago - so what I'm describing may not necessarily be the correct way - but it worked for me!

♥ The next step is to pin the fabric on to the shade. I left the original fabric on as this acted as a lining for the new cover and gave me something to stitch it to. (Quick heads up here - this bit HURTS! Cannot tell you how many times I pricked myself - quite fortuitously though I had chosen a fabric that had red spots on it anyway so all evidence of crime scenes is very cleverly camouflaged  and should anyone ever need any of my DNA the lampshade will the place to look for it!)
I placed a row of pins down each of the side seams and then just worked my way around the shade pinning along the top and bottom edge, pulling the fabric taut as I went along.

Once pinned I then stitched around the top and bottom by hand, turning the fabric under as I went along to make a neat hem.

                             ♥ And that's pretty much it - just a few final little additions still to come, 
                                       but at this point I was called away urgently to a barbecue. 
                                                                    So, to be continued.....               

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