Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Big catch up

I know we all say it, and it trips off the tongue so easily, 
but truly, where does the time go ?

The Summer just seems to have flown by and here we are already 
beginning to feel the hint of Autumn in the air.

The apple trees in our garden are full to bursting and the fields around
 us have the best crop of blackberries I think I've ever seen.

At the weekend I hunted out last years Autumn Garland and it has now 
taken its rightful place on the fireplace, 
with the Summer Daisy Garland being tucked away till next year.

Talking of Autumny crochet makes, there was a huge amount of excitement the
 other day when this months issue of Simply Crochet Magazine landed on 
my doormat with my first ever magazine commission in it  - squuuueeeeaaaalll !

Very, very exciting but very, very nerve wracking all at the same time.
Because I finished making it a few months ago and posted it off to be
 photographed it had slipped away to the back of mind 
so it came as a real surprise to see it all there in print !

I am so delighted with how it all turned out 
and I just love the way the magazine styled it on a such a beautiful rustic background.

It was such a fun project to design and after working away on all the 
individual items it was so lovely to see it all come together at the end.

In other Yarny news I am off to Yarndale this weekend
 - and I'm so excited !
I didn't manage to get there last year so it will be a lot of fun 
catching up with it all again this year.

I'm going be to helping on Amanda from Little Box of Crochet's stall, 
so if you're at Yarndale too do pop by and say Hi !

And as it just wouldn't be right to be at such a fabulous Yarny 
get together without a little nod to my love of all things woolly ...

 ... a Pompom headband is currently under construction :) 
especially for the weekend.

I'm hoping that there won't be nearly such a long gap in between 
my posts next time as I have a big catch up post coming soon all about
 Jenny's Blanket of Hugs, 
and what will be happening to all 7 of the blankets that we ended up making.

And in the meantime I'm also going to get my right hand side bar up to date
 with the last few things I have made for 
If you click on any of the photo's it will take you to the tutorial and free pattern.