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Monday, 23 November 2015

Autumn Wrap

Autumn Wrap.

Finally, finally I have managed to get around to putting together the
 pattern for my Autumn wrap.
Flu,work and just general day to day stuff seems to have got in the way somewhat -
but I got there in the end !

I have had the idea for this shawl at the back of my mind for some time now and so 
when I saw this beautiful hand dyed wool by Eden Cottage Yarn
 I knew straight away that this was the yarn I had been looking for.

I wanted the design for my wrap to be really simple and contemporary,
                            made in a stitch that would be easy to do and give a good drape.

These are the approximate final measurements of the shawl.

Anyway , here it is .......
The yarn is a DK and I used a size 4.5 mm hook.
I used 4 x 100g skeins.
The wrap is worked in a TR stitch.

The pattern is worked starting at the left hand corner and worked all the way
 across to the right hand corner.

Start by making a chain of 5.
Work a TR in to the 3rd chain from the hook.
TR in to the next 2 st, CH2 and turn.

As you work you will see that you have one straight edge and one curved edge. 

This next row is the start of your straight edge.
At the beginning of each straight edge row: TR in to the first st and work the row in TR all the way along. At the end of the row CH 2 and turn.

This next row is the start of your curved edge.
At the beginning of each curved edge row: DTR in to the 1 st and then TR in to the same st. Work the row in TR all the way along. At the end of the row CH2  and turn.

Continue working this pattern of one straight edged row, one curved edge row, one straight edge row etc until your wrap is 67 sts ( approx 43cm )wide.

You are now going to just work straight rows ( 67sts ) of TR's, remembering to CH 2 and turn at the end of each row. My rectangle part of my wrap measures 52 cm .

At the end of your rectangle you need to start decreasing to mirror the shape of the start of your wrap.

On your first decreasing row have your curved shape edge on the right hand side and begin your first decreasing row as follows: Work a DTR in to the first st, but leave the final loop on your hook, then work a TR in to the second st, again leaving the final loop on your hook. You will now have 3 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops. Work in TR to the end of the row, ch 2 and turn.

Your next row is a straight row of TR , remembering to CH 2 and turn at the end.

Continue alternating your decreasing rows and straight rows until your wrap matches the first half when folded in half down the middle of the rectangle.
Finish off and sew in your end.

The next step is to work two rounds of DC all the way around the edge of your wrap, remembering to work 2 or 3 DC in to your corner stitches so that your wrap does not lose its shape.

To finish off my wrap I added a bobbly edge.
There is a full tutorial on how to do this edging over at Once upon a Pink Moon 

I worked mine slightly differently to the original as I worked my bobbles straight from my previous DC round rather than looping one bobble to the other.

And there you have it .... one very snuggly Autumn wrap.

Happy Crocheting.