Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Indoor Spring ...

It seems that round our way it really can't make up it's mind what season we're in right now -
 we've had some truly beautiful sunshiny days that have lulled us into
 thinking warmer days are ahead,
 but today you could actually be forgiven for thinking they are shooting a remake
 of Wuthering Heights around our house -
the wind is whistling, the rain is chucking it down and Spring like it is not !
 Our poor cherry tree that was looking so spectacular in the sun the other day is
hanging on to its blossom for dear life today.
 I'm not ready to see it all flutter away just yet.
So maybe its the weather that's adding to my continuing addiction with 
hooking up little Spring flowers -
no wind or rain will be able to blow these away...
and so now as well as the ones decorating my fireplace
 I have grown an Easter Tree too
for an instant bit of indoor Spring.

 For the Easter tree flowers I used a different pattern to the flowers I
made for my Spring Garland and it's one that the
 lovely Jules over at Little Woollie was kind enough to share back
 in September last year.

 It's such a simple pattern to follow and they seem to work up perfectly every time.
I used 4 ply cotton for mine and because they are all my left overs and
 ready rolled in to little tiny balls Otto was really very happy to help !

If, like me, you find them a little addictive to make in no time at all you'll find
 a whole little garden is springing up around you.
And, they're so quick to make that even sewing in the ends is fun.

At the bottom of this post I have written out the pattern for you and included a
photo tutorial but for now lets get on with putting the tree together !
The ingredients couldn't be easier:

One basket of Spring flowers ...

Some Easter decorations ...

and some twiggy branches.
I collected mine from a very dead looking tree at the bottom of the car park at work but,
as if by magic, once in some water and in the warm they are springing back to life !
I'm looking forward to seeing the tree in a few days time as
I think Spring will truly have sprung.

Anyway ....
I started off by just pinning the flowers where I wanted them on the twigs.
 I used two flowers together,
one at the back and one at the front,
as this meant I could easily stitch them in place.
And after a bit of stitching ... 

and a bit of decorating ...

 it all begins to come together.


So, here's the pattern...

I used 4 Ply Cotton and a 3.5mm hook.
Most of the left overs I had were DMC Natura Just Cotton
It's a lovely fine yarn to work with and there are 60 scrumptious colours to choose form.

To start I made a Magic Circle.
These are so simple to do and give a lovely flat circle in the middle of your flower.
If you need to practice this I would highly recommend watching this video clip
over at as its very clearly demonstrated here.
( Just remember though that when she says Single Crochet that is a Double Crochet in UK terms. )

Work 5 DC into your Magic Circle

 and carefully pull the end of the yarn to close the circle.
Cut your yarn and pull the end tight.

Add in your second colour by pulling a loop of yarn from
the back of the DC stitch to the front.
Chain 3.

Then make a 4 TR cluster in to the same stitch -
this means you work 4 TR's but only YRH once and leave the final loop on the hook
- you will have 5 loops on the hook.

YRH and pull through all loops.
Chain 3 and SL ST in to the same stitch to anchor the petal.

SL ST in to the next DC.

Chain 3
and repeat the petal pattern.


Work your way around the Magic Circle

until you have 5 petals.
To finish,  SL ST in to the first petal stitch and anchor.
Finish off and sew in your ends.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Colour all the way ...

Ooooh - I have so many exciting little projects to show you but
I just have to be patient for a little bit longer ....
I cannot spill the beans just yet.
 It's safe to say though that there has been colour involved -
I know !
Quite unlike me with my greys and taupe's,
but I am loving it.
It's really very true that it's quite invigorating to step outside of your
little box every now and again.

 I just have to show you this little bag of loveliness though -
I am quite head over heels with these gorgeous little pompoms.
I will come back to these and explain all, I promise !

Yup, more colours -
both pastels ...

... and brights.
But one thing I can definitely tell you about is what I am working on right this very minute .
Having got a little stuck making Spring flowers
I discovered a really sweet  pattern over at Little Woollie and suddenly an idea sprung up ...
a little Spring blossom tree for Easter.

I'm not completely sure that it will work out as beautifully as it looks in  my head
 but I'm certainly going to give it a good try.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Lovely things ...


This weekend has been a weekend packed full of lovely things ...

... an early Mothers Day supper at Meg's on Saturday evening

... Breakfast all laid out and waiting on Sunday morning

... 3 truly lovely cards, each with the sweetest of messages inside

... a family tea at ours for my Mum, with my sister, 
one of my brothers and their families

... THE most delicious chocolate cake made by Beth and Immi

... the arrival of some printed ribbon that I ordered online last week

... and all of it topped off with a little weekend crochet.

I am a v v happy and v blessed Mummy.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lots going on ...

There's been so much going on down Pootle Alley this week that I hardly know where to begin!
Well, no, I do actually -
I have to start by saying the most enormous thank you for all of your wonderful
comments on my Spring garland. Thank you so much -
I totally love this big old bloggy world and all the encouragement and
positivity that is out there.
Thank you xx
  Busy number one this week has been a little commission that came my way
when I was asked to hook up some more spring flowers,
and within a couple of evenings another miniature garden was
springing up all around me.

  This weekend it has been carefully packed into a little cardboard box and will
be sent on its way to the Big Smoke tomorrow -

a bit like The Chelsea Flower Show really,
 but on a teeny, tiny scale !
Busy 3 has been me catching up with some very long overdue Spring
cleaning in the dusty corners of my Blog space ...
I have finally, finally got around to getting my Tutorial and Pattern Sidebar
up to date, and at long last several more blankets have been added to the list,
as well as all the details of my Daisy, Autumn and Spring Garlands -
ooh and there's an updated piccy of me to boot.
Busy 4, 5 and 6 have all involved some fun things that I have been working
on for  Loveknitting's exciting new venture that is coming very soon ...


No words I'm afraid,
 just a few pictures
 - as my lips are sealed for a tinsy bit longer !

All in all the week seems to have sped by while all around everything seems
to be shooting up and growing,

from my pile of Wedding hearts
to the flower beds in the garden,

 to a suddenly very lanky and leggy Otto.

Have great week everyone.